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Pattern: Gathering of the Clouds (fingerless mitts)

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The winds have picked up here in Portland, and the mornings have been turning cooler. As I watched the leaves turn bright and swirl off the trees in the wind lately... I sat and wrote a pattern for fingerless mitts. A style that is always my favorite for easy accessibility when driving kids to school in the morning (buckling seat belts!), checking emails on my smartphone, and generally keeping my wrists and hands cozy and warm during Fall and early Winter.

I ended up starting this pattern, thinking of the colorway that I was using. It was "The Gathering of the Clouds" and was part of my Hobbit yarn club from last year.  I finally found just the right pattern to showcase this cloudy Hobbit colorway.  It begins with Hobbit Holes, which is just a simple yarn over lace pattern, and then uses stockinette to allow the beauty of the greys and blues to come to life.  For those of you that have this colorway, it is a perfect pattern for the colors! If you don't have that, any artisan yarns will look lovely for this pattern - all of it to gear up for The Hobbit movie coming out soon!

If you happen to not be a Hobbity person, I know that you will still appreciate the simple beauty of a wonderful hand-knit fingerless mitt to keep those Autumn winds and chills away! So come, sit by the fire, or the heater!, and relax and knit something cozy and useful. They take about a weekend to knit up, so you can have something new for the week or a quick gift knit.

As always, please email me [cartwrightx7 at gmail dot com] with any questions, or comment below. 

Gathering of the Clouds

8 sts per inch

Materials Needed
  • 2 Circulars (16”), or 1 long circular needle - size 0 (please use whatever size gives you gauge! I knit loosely)
  • Approximately 200-300 yards Winding River Fiber Arts, Little Owl Organic (fingering weight) yarn (one skein will have lots leftover)
  • Small length (12”) of waste yarn

Cast on 58 sts, join in the round, being careful not to twist. [Note: To make the “Hobbit Holes” lace border it is easiest to have 30 sts on one needle, and 28 on the other]

Begin “Hobbit Holes” lace border:
Purl one round.
Next round - *k2tog, yo*; repeat from * to end of round
Purl next round.
-End of lace border-

Knit each round until piece measures 3.5” from cast on edge.

Waste yarn section
Next round - Drop working yarn, with waste yarn, knit 8 sts, drop waste yarn, then continue to knit with working yarn for rest of round.  (Note: For other mitt, you can begin this round by: knit to last 8 sts of needle, drop working yarn, with waste yarn, knit 8 sts, drop waste yarn, then continue to knit the rest of round with working yarn)
If you have not done this type of thumb before, this is a peasant thumb, and one of my favorites to do. By knitting those sts with the waste yarn, you will create a “zipper” you can “unzip” (undo) later, resulting in live sts you will use to begin knitting the thumb.

Knit 5 more rounds [Note: if you moved your sts, you will need to now move one st over to the next needle so you have 29 sts on each needle. This will make your decreases in the next section evenly spaced.]

Begin decrease section
Next round, *k1, k2tog, knit to last 3 sts on needle, ssk, k1*; repeat once more (54 sts total now)
Knit next round
Repeat these two rounds once more (50 sts total)
-End decrease section-

Knit each round until piece measures 8.5” from cast on edge.

Begin ending ribbed cuff
*k1, p1* until end of round
Repeat above round 9 more times
Bind off loosely.

Carefully remove waste yarn from 8 sts, putting those live sts onto needles. There will be 15 live sts. Knit around, picking up 3 sts on each side of thumb sts (21 sts).
Knit 1 round.
On next round, knit round, decreasing 1 st (from side sts you picked up). (20 sts total)
Knit 10 more rounds
Begin “Hobbit Hole” lace section from above.
Once lace section is complete, bind off loosely.

Soak, block, and enjoy your cloudy mitts!

Copyright, Christina Cartwright, Winding River Fiber Arts.  Pattern is for personal & charity use only. Please contact me if you’d like to use it otherwise.

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